Sunday, February 7, 2016

KL Staycation---Part 1

In 3 weeks we will be in Iowa!!!  We decided to take the last long holiday weekend(Chinese New Year) and have a Staycation in KL.  After the girls had soccer on Saturday, we headed downtown to check into Trader's Hotel.  The view of the towers from our room was awesome!

 Then, it was off for a walk to Pavilion to our favorite lunch spot in KL....DTF!

The girls also NEEDED ice cream to complete the meal! 

 The malls in KL do a great job decorating for all the holidays people around the world celebrate.

After refueling with dumplings and ice cream, we headed back to KLCC to do some shopping.  We needed to use up our bank points, so we let the girls buy one toy each and some clothes at Parkson.....Mommy may have gotten in on that deal with a new watch!!!!  The shopping depleted their energy so we needed to get pretzels!

A stop at Candylicious was a must before the movie.

 Snuggled in their sarongs and waiting for Norm of the North to begin.

Luckily, we walked back to Trader's when we did.  If you are under 21 you can't be at The Sky Bar past 7:00....not even to eat or swim  We got there at 6:45!

 With such a busy day, the girls didn't complain(too much) about so little swimming!

 Back in the room the girls played with some of the new toys.
 We ended the day with room service!

Sunday morning, the view of the towers was still great.......

and the girls were ready for a swim!

After another quick swim, we headed back to the house to unload and reload because it was time for some boating!!!!!

The girls love our neighbor, Jayda....and her mom, Nancy, they were so glad they could join us for fun in the sun!

Whitney prefers a solo tube ride!!!

 Jayda showed the girls her skills at wake boarding and they were very impressed.
 After getting a few pointers from Jayda and the boat driver, Hannah wanted to give it a try.

She popped right up and loved it!

 The rest of the boating time turned into "if my big sister can do that, well then I can do something just as cool!"

Kaylee's turn to do a few tricks

 Macy's turn
She stood up too....I just wasn't quick enough with the camera!
 Last, but not least.....Whitney needed to show her skills off!

Life is Good when you get to explore the city you call home, and have fun with friends at the lake!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Celebrating CNY at School

One thing we have really enjoyed about living in Asia is learning new things about other cultures and experiencing diversity.
Last week, the girls had their Chinese New Year celebration at school.  

Whitney's class decorated dragon masks.

Kaylee's class had a poetry share...the poetry didn't have to do with Chinese New Year.  It just happened to fall on the same day, but it was fun to be at school when many of the students were dressed up and the building was decorated.  The best part of the poetry share was when Kaylee volunteered to share the poem we created together IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS.  Kaylee has a history of being very shy in groups, but she was the first one to raise her hand and presented really well.  Both Justin and I were very proud of her.

Life is Good and we are taking in the last bits of Malaysian culture.

Monday, November 30, 2015

"The Middles" have Birthdays

"The Middles" have a lot in common...They like playing house, enjoy crafts, love to hug one another for photos and have November birthdays!

 This year they had a joint birthday party...Two similar parties going on at the same time, but rotating activities.
Nails by our lovely neighbor girls
 Hannah helping to paint and make fortune tellers
 Acting goofy
 Pin the painted nail on the hand

 HUGE Minion piƱata 

 Frosting and decorating their own cupcakes
 Making nail polish jar marshmallow snacks
 Fashion Show

Life is Good when you have a birthday near a friend/sister!