Saturday, July 26, 2014

3 Fun Nights

The last night in Buffalo, we had an adults only night.  We did a tour of the town!
Stop 1----PBR on tap….the boys' favorite!
Stop 2:  Dinner at Winchester 
The guys loved the prime rib and continued to talk about it for days!!!

 Stop 3: The Outback

 Stop 4:  The Occidental Hotel and Saloon
The TV series Longmire is based on Craig Johnson's(from Buffalo) books. 
 Johnson’s mystery series, set in Buffalo (near Sheridan, Wyo.) and featuring the Busy Bee CafĂ©, where Walt Longmire often drops by to have “the usual,” deals with the realities of life, love and crime in the remote regions of the American West.
 Last Stop of the night…Some how the auto focus was switched to manual, but it kind of shows how by the end of the night things were a bit blurry!!!
 The next night, we stayed with my cousin in North Platte on our way back to Omaha.  It was great to see everyone again and the kids loved running around and being crazy!

 After dropping off the RV in Omaha, we quickly got to Boone for a fun night of fun with Justin's family.
 The girls always love softball on the farm!

 Kids did crafts, while adults did a wine tasting----a win, win situation!!!
Life is Good with friends and family!

The Great Outdoors

 We had a chance to really see how beautiful Wyoming is with a hike to see a manmade waterfall and an "ice cave."

 It was HOT and a long walk for short legs!!!!

 Wild Raspberries!

 At the ice cave it felt like an AC was blowing full blast:
 A Natural Recliner

 After lunch we went to the FREE pool in town.  It was AWESOME on a 99 degree day!

Life is Good with hiking and cooling off at the pool!

Having a GREAT Time Out West!

 The next morning, we filled the kids' up with pancakes before we departed the Rafter J Bar Ranch.
 They were looking for one more view of Mt. Rushmore!

We had a long day of driving ahead, so we stopped for some fun first at the alpine slides.

 The generator was going on and off all day….When it was on, we had more AC and the TV for playing movies in the back for the kids.
 We made a quick stop at an RV store to check on getting the AC fixed.
 We left the store a about 30 minutes later without getting the AC fixed, but leaving quite an impression on the 2 guys working in the sales department!
 Our stop for the next 2 nights was Todd's aunt and uncles house in Buffalo, Wyoming.  They were great hosts and had an awesome view!

 Once they sun started to set it was amazing!

Life is Good when in the West!