Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend, we had a great time celebrating my brother and his new wife, Jamee.
The girls were flower girls so we headed to the Arboretum for the rehearsal on Friday night....Unfortunately, Macy wasn't feeling well and had a bit of a fever.
 My parent's hosted the dinner in their backyard and it didn't rain!!!!!  

My cousin, Sarah, and me....She was my maid of honor 12 years ago and I was hers....14 years ago
 After a dose of Ibuprofen once we got home, Macy was A-OK! 

 The Fab 5-Forsberg Cousins
 It rained most of Saturday, but cleared up enough to have a beautiful ceremony outdoors.

 Kaylee, Abby and Delaney 
Here's where my pictures end for the night........
Drinking wine and having a good time took over!!!!

Life is Good with Weddings!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Great Year at Okoboji!

The week after the 4th we went to Okoboji for our annual Chesnut family vacation.  We enjoyed spending time with our family and being on the lake.

 The girls enjoyed the Fun 3 so much in Malaysia, so Grandma and Grandpa gave them one for Christmas.  

 Our cousins brought some cool battery operated jet skis......

 Cousin Christmas in July gift exchange!!!!

 These 3 really liked when the BIG kids went to the Crescent Beach Kids Club and they had the tube to themselves.  The 5 and over crowd really enjoyed all the activities at Kids Club....especially Pirate Day.
 A trip to Okoboji isn't complete until we visit the Barefoot Bar....twice!

 A little teamwork to get around!

 The girls/Daddy got a new toy to go along with the tube.......

 How many Chesnuts can you pull behind the boat at one time?!?!?!?!

 The girls have been using a U shaped ski. 
 Hannah popped up on two, tied together at the tip right away when she tried this year.
 Kaylee needs to try because she is a bit bored on the U shaped one.
 Not to be outdone by the girls, Justin skied too.
 Cheers with birthday cake ice cream in waffle cones!

Life is Good at the Lake!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

The 4th of July was a bit different for us this year.  
Usually my cousins and their families come up to MN.  This year they are coming up a week late for my brother's wedding.  We did have a fun 4th even though we were missing 15 people!  At one point during the day, Macy said she was going to wear the skirt she had on for the 4th of July.  I told her it was the 4th.  She said...."No it isn't.....Abby and Ryan aren't here!!!!!!"
To celebrate the day, we went to the Twins game:

 It was a good day at Target Field, but would have been even better with a Twin's victory!

Life is Good with baseball in the USA!!!!

Good Times at Como Zoo/Como Town

After a long winter, Minnesotans probably think the current weather is warm, but coming from  Malaysia we are COLD!!!!!  These temperatures are the coldest we have seen in 18 months!
We had a sunny, but chilly day at the Como Zoo this week.

 After checking out the animals we headed to Como Town for some rides.  We have never been to that area and the girls really liked it.
 Whit wasn't tall enough to ride on all the rides the BIGs wanted to, but she didn't mind riding by herself!

 Can you tell which age group this ride was appropriate for?!?!?!

 Too tame for a 9 year old, but great for a 2 year old!!!!!

 Life is Good when you see animals and ride rides in the same day!!!!