Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last Day in KL

Justin's parents didn't fly out until midnight, so we had one more day to show them KL.
We went to Menara KL so we could walk about the circular observation deck to view the city from above.

 Along with water restrictions, we have also had a haze in the air lately.  
Luckily, we never ran out of water in the house while we had guests.
 The Palace
 The National Mosque
 Next up was the mall.

 Kaylee thought they needed to use their hands as the walk way while being the towers.
 To get a better view of the towers we went to the SkyBar for lunch at the Trader's Hotel.
 While Justin's parents were here, we watched the Amazing Race episode that was filmed in KL.  One of the challenges was to correctly mix colored drinks at this bar.  The pit stop for that leg was the Batu Caves that they also visited.
 Macy's picture so she would smile in the other one!
We had a great 2 weeks with Grandma and Grandpa here.  
We were able to show them a lot of KL, and had a great experience in Vietnam. 

Life is Good when you make life long memories with family!

Hate to Leave, But Hope to Be Back Again

On the las day, we had until 1:30 to play until the van took us to the airport.  

The day started with Justin and his parents going into town to try on clothes they were having made at a tailor.  All 4 girls went to kids' club, so I ended up with about a half hour by myself to read my book.

 Hannah wanted to do swimming races.......

If we only went one length I would have been fine, she got me on the second length for all the strokes.  

Daddy was back to 100%---or at least 95, so he and Hannah did more boogie boarding.

 I think it is safe to say that Whitney now LOVES the sand!!!!

It was hard to leave this great place, but I hope we can return sometime VERY SOON!!! 
 I had to bribe the girls with using my camera again to get in the group shots.

Life is Good with fun vacations with Grandma and Grandpa!

Surf and Spa Day

Can't go to Vietnam an not get your picture taken in a non la (leaf hat).

 Lately these 2 are BFFs....Whitney is the "Mommy" and Hannah is the "Puppy."

 For this picture I had to let the girls each take one.
 Kaylee may have a bit more photography skill!

 Our Surfer Girl
 Much more relaxing way to use the board
 While Whit napped and Daddy recovered from a stomach bug...we visited the spa for manis and pedis.

 Whitney joined in her jammies once she got up!
 It took us a few nights, but finally we found real ice cream after dinner!!!
Life is Good with surf and spas!

Another Great Day in Vietnam

Justin and the 3 BIGS spent the night in a tent.  They wanted to do it on the beach, but it was too windy.

 Apparently, the sun did not wake Macy up!

 The hotel offered different sight seeing options and we chose to do a catamaran.  

 After waking up from a short sea nap, Whitney enjoyed one of many fruit roll ups on the trip and some paci time with Papa.
 Back to the hotel for swimming and a late lunch.
 Justin's favorite Vietnamese beer, 333, and my favorite drink of the mojito.
 Best restaurant playground ever
 The girls made kites at kids' club

 Dinner at a Texas Ribs and Steakhouse
 Trying to take a family picture while making a deal for getting bikes back to the hotel.
Life is Good on vacation in Vietnam!