Monday, October 13, 2014

Hannah aka The Energizer Bunny

The last 2 Saturdays have been spent cheering on Hannah at sporting events.

Two weeks ago, her school hosted their Trick-or-Treat Meet.
 Her first event was a relay, and she swam the breast stroke leg.

 The rest of my pictures all mostly look like this:
 You can't really get great action shots of swimming from across the pool!

 I did get one during her freestyle when she took a breath on my side.
 With more shots like this one, I didn't even take any during the rest of her races!

Hannah had her first cross country race last Saturday.

Life is Good when you enjoy a variety of activities.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Little Chesnut Jumping Beans

Last night, the girls decided we should go to Jump Street today.  It is an indoor trampoline park that we had all heard about and wanted to check out.

 We got there at 10:30 without reservations, so we couldn't get a time until noon.  
So.....we had to do some shopping and eat lunch at Jaya One!  
We found a Pop Up Market that had something for all of us!  I got a pair of work out pants, the girls got Rainbow Loom supplies, and we found some cookies we all thought were yummy!
From 12-1 the girls jumped.......

 I am glad we had 2 adults with on our first visit.  The height cut off is 110cm.  For a few of the areas you need to be shorter and for a few you need to be taller.  In our crew, we have 2 taller than 110 and 2 shorter.
The littles loved this area!!!

 High fives all around because everyone could do this area!
 Luckily, Whitney had her sisters around when she took a tumble......

 She was back at it within a minute!

 This was after 50 minutes....Glad we only signed up for an hour!  
They were hot and sweaty, but loving it!!!
 Macy became daring enough to attempt a flip.
 This little Energizer Bunny kept up with the BIGS and had a great time!
Life is Good when you find new adventures!
On the way home, the girls were planning when we should go again!
When we left at 1:00, the next available jump time was 6:00....Guess we will be making reservations next time!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Whitney had her first day of preschool yesterday.  I feel I usually am on top of things, but not so much this time.  I thought she started on September 8, but after checking over the weekend found it was September 2!!!!  She was excited to go a week early since she has been a bit bored without her sisters around.

 She was very excited to let me know she was moved upstairs to be in the Dolphin group this year!!!!
The dinner conversation was pretty funny.....The girls were discussing when Whitney would be at their school next year.  Kaylee has already asked the bus monitor if she can sit with Whitney on the bus!

The Bigs had a free dress day today.  
Macy wanted to look like Kaylee:  
South Dakota shirt....check
denim shorts.....check 
side pony.....check

Life is Good with Preschool and Wanting to be like your BIG Sister!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Whitney Grace is 3!!!!

Today, our baby is 3, and we remember Great Grandma Marnie's birthday too!!!!
She is sweet, sassy, stubborn, sly, special, social, smart and oh SO many other things!!!!
Not a day goes by that she doesn't make me laugh---and some days she makes me want to cry!!!
She looks up to her big sisters and wants to be just like them......And they WANT HER to be around them!
Our family wouldn't be complete without her!

 This little girl has our family wrapped around her little finger!!!!
Life is Good with Whitney Grace!