Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Fun ISU Spring Game...Go Cyclones!!!

Life is Good with warmer weather and football!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Annual Egg Hunt on the Farm

Over the weekend, we had one of the most anticipated family events of the year.....THE EGG HUNT!!!!

 All 15 little ones have 10 eggs to find

It was a a sunny, WINDY, and fun event!

Life is Good with traditions!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Fun

This year, Easter was extra was our first holiday back in the US!  The girls were really excited to celebrate a holiday with special events and cousins.
City Egg Hunt at the Fairgrounds

 Dying Eggs---5 minutes of fun with a lot of prep and clean up!!

The Bunny hid the baskets since Kaylee left a note asking him to

 Kay also asked the Bunny to hide all the dyed eggs in the yard

Life Is Good on Easter Weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Our first Spring Break back in the US is coming to an end.
  The past 3 years living in Asia we have been to a few great locations...Phuket, Thailand with my parents, Nha Trang, Vietnam with Justin's parents and South Africa with our friends, the Hanselmans.
This year didn't have an exotic destination or warm temperatures, but we had a great few days with family!
Monday at the Minnesota Zoo

 Tuesday at the Science Museum
 National Parks IMax Selfie!
 A Dip in the Hot Tub with Girl Scout Cookies!
 Modeling the new LuLaRoe outfits
 Wednesday afternoon, the Chesnut Lady population in Minneapolis increased by 5 more.  
Two cousin, two aunts and a grandma came up to celebrate Morgan's 6th birthday.
Zootopia in 3D

 Thursday.....American Girl and rides at Mall of America
Whit bought her first doll, Bella, with her Christmas money.  
However, she seems more interested in playing with the chocolate lab puppy, Sophie, a bit more!

 Hannah decided that she would rather shop and eat with 2 grandmas rather than visit the American Girl store.  She met up with us later with 2 bags of Spring clothes and a Fit Bit(Her Christmas money purchase)!

 Life is Good when you spend Spring Break with family!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Day at the Gym

Wednesdays will be our gymnastics day. 
* Whitney won't have preschool and the other girls get our early for teacher in-service.
Whitney took her first every gymnastics class yesterday and really enjoyed it!

We went back at 4:30 so the BIGS(and cousin, Avery) could have class.
Life is Good when you can tumble on a cold day!

A BUSY Few Days!

We've had a BUSY few days!!!!  
Friday(the day we left KL). the  BIGS had a track meet.

 Kaylee ended up 3rd in the 400m and also ran the 200m
 Hannah ran the 400m

 They both competed in 2 field events

 That night, we flew to the US and arrived in Iowa on Saturday.
Saturday night, we watched the ISU basketball game with our cousins.
Sunday, Grandma Carol and Papa Dave were coming back from Nebraska and they stopped in for lunch, a trip to Target and dinner.
Monday, they were ready to visit their new schools.
 Hannah's new building is for 5th-8th grade.  

 The Littles get to go to school where Grandma Patti is the secretary.  
Their building is for preschool-1st grade.
 Kayla's building is for 2nd-4th grade.  It is also where Justin went to school and I student taught 4th grade 15 years ago!
 After touring the schools and meeting teachers the girls wanted to check on the cows.
They will be busy checking in on cows for the awhile since many of them are having calves!

 Tuesday, was the FIRST day of school and there was SNOW!!!!!
 Whit is not a fan of needing to wear a "fat coat"!  Hopefully, we only have a few more days of really cold temperatures.
 We live just a few blocks from the middle school, so we walk there to catch the bus to the different schools.
The girls were very happy after their first days.
They all loved having lockers..Hannah's even has a combination and she was able to open it!  

Life is Good being back in Iowa!!!