Monday, April 20, 2015

Girl Scout Horse Camp

Over the weekend, I took the 3 BIGS to Girl Scout horse camp.  H and K had both been before, but it was a first for Macy.

 It's about a 3 hours drive south of KL, and the lodge and grounds are perfect for little girls to run and play.
After a quick lesson on horses, it was on to some riding.

 Although, we didn't sleep in tents like most camps, they did have S'mores!

 Flat Nate, from Indiana, made the journey with us.  He helped the girls decorate their horseshoes.

 Someone loved riding the horses, and thought she was pretty cool to be at camp with the big girls!!
It was a fun night away from home, and I am sure we will be back next year....maybe with Daddy and Whitney too!

Life is Good with Girl Scouts....and horses!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whitney's School Concert

Sunday morning, Whitney had her preschool concert.  For weeks we have been hearing bits of songs,  and she was very excited for all of us to come and watch her.

First up for her group was a traditional Malay song and dance.

Then, they sang about "Johnny Bear."  This has been her favorite one to sing at home.

She loved the elastic waist band of the skirt.

What's the perfect song for a group of little girls?!?!?!?!
"Let It Go"

She found a string on her dress and that ended all singing for a bit!

Life is Good with a morning of singing and dancing from 2-5 year olds!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Headed Home to KL

We had an AMAZING week in South Africa.  
The miles traveled were well worth all experiences we had.  
South Africa was full of spectacular landscapes, food, people and animals.

Before starting our long journey home, we had a few hours to kill in the hotel lobby.  One game of Phase 10 with the BIGS and they time flew by.

 We had another elephants sighting on the van ride out of the park.  Good Friday was the day of elephants!
 We also saw a of Kaylee's favorites.  
We saw one earlier in the week, but it was so far away it didn't really count!

We were hoping to see a Cape Buffalo by the river on our way out of the park, but that didn't happen.  
This skull and horns was as close as we got.

I guess spotting 4 of the BIG 5 will have to do!

One last animal sighting before boarding the plane!
 When we reached Doha we weren't sure if we should have breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We went with pizza, smoothies, hot chocolate and coffee to cover everything.
 The girls give the trip 8 thumbs up!!!!
 Playing Spot It before the last leg of week of travel.

Life is Good with once in a lifetime vacations!

Will we see elephants?!?!?!

Our last morning in South Africa started with another 6am drive and amazing sunrise!

 We started down by the river and saw a water buck with the ring on his bum and a few hippos.
 We saw quite a few pairs of rhinos that morning. 

With about 2 hours left of our time on safari, we were getting a bit worried we wouldn't have a close encounter with an elephant.
Hannah loves cheetahs, but the other 3 girls all said their favorite safari animal was an elephant

We had seen tracks:
 Saw where one had scraped mud onto a tree:
 Saw many, many, many piles of pooh everywhere we went:
 Even touched it:
 I wore an elephant shirt one day.  
Photo courtesy of Macy..I had to bribe her with taking a photo to smile for one I took!
We did spot on in the distance the night before.  They have a rule at the park that you can't off road for elephants and rhinos.  Partly because of safety of maneuvering a vehicle around a large animal, but also because they aren't considered rare because of the population of them in the park.

 Luckily, 3 little girls didn't need to head home disappointed.
  We spotted a group of 5 males.

 They moved on, and so did we.
 They were on a mission to find the ladies.
About 50 females and young elephants were about 500 yards ahead.

 They were nice enough to cross right in front of us!

 This group had one male with it.

 After we could no longer see the elephants we moved on and found more giraffes.

 And rhinos.......
 A busy  morning of animal tracking made the girls thirsty for hot chocolate.

Life is Good with a grand finale of an elephant herd!